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We believe that humans are good. Our shared ambition is to provide everyone with the conditions to fulfil their personal goals. What brings us together is our values; what guides us is our shared vision:

Together, let's create with boldness a better future for the world.

Having fun together !

All ideas are welcome: we encourage the development of MOONSHOT PROJECTS through collective innovation, by giving ourselves all the means needed to achieve them. Through TRIBES, everyone can participate in the shared excitement by experimenting, creating and participating in our MOONSHOT PROJECTS. We also organise focus groups, workshops, hackathons, and a host of other events so that everyone can accomplish things and share in the fun.


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    Collaborative work

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    Friendly moments

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    An unique team spirit

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    Workshops led by experts

We share more than Coffee


At CAPFI there is an individual and team challenge throughout the year


A space for co-working and an environment that is scalable for innovation and R&D.

CAPFI Academy

An in-house training programme supervised by the Technical Division.

IT & Ethics

We are convinced that performance is not just a question of expertise and skills. It is above all a story of human relationships, passionate enthusiasm and the sharing of values.
CAPFI is firmly anchored in its era and is committed to a number of socially responsible and ethical projects.

 1 jour homme 1 arbre by Capfi, Ecovadis, The global compact, 2016 Happy AT WORK, Charte de la diversité

We work for others

However surprising this may seem for an IT engineering company, our conviction is that our work should also have a social dimension. This is why every year we encourage, and contribute to, humanitarian causes.

We plant trees

CAPFI is committed to planting a tree for every day’s work completed by its consultants.
The operation “1 Jour, 1 Homme, 1 Arbre” shows that a specialised IT company can also be concerned about its ecological footprint.


We are committed to every project

At CAPFI we make it a point of honour to make every project a success. Our IT company is committed to providing you with tailored IT services with a human face. We thus combine professionalism, team spirit and personal satisfaction and share them with our clients on a sustainable basis.

Our team leaders

Some figures

  • 98%
    Of our employees are pleased with our recruitment process*
  • 97%
    Of the employees recommand CAPFI to their friends and relations*
  • 97%
    Of the employees consider they enjoy equality of opportunity*

*Figures taken from "Happy At Work" survey


The CAPFI group evaluated by its employees, customers, and job applicants!

Every year we offer our employees, customers and applicants the opportunity to participate in the HappyAtWork©, HappyClients©, and HappyCandidates© surveys to assess their level of satisfaction.