CAPFI Technology’s IT expertise: the conception and development of applications for the digital transformation of specialized business processes

CAPFI - Technology

*IT and Business Expertise in the Service of Market Finance

CAPFI Technology showcases the group’s traditional skills in finance.

We support our customers in developing projects from scratch (Front to Back Office), IS mergers, implementing software packages, etc.

We work in Paris and London.


Our Achievement

A multithreaded development project distributed onto computational grids (symphony) in real time:

  • Creation of computation engines in C#, WCF
  • GUI design and development in WPF

Digital: Conception and prototyping of a private mobisocial:

  • Multi-platform (Windows Phone; Android; IOS – mobile and tablet) “TOP 200” POC
  • Front: HTML5/CSS/JS + AngularJS + REST + PhoneGap
  • Back: Node.js / MongoDB

Market Finance Core Business: rewriting a Multi-Core architecture with Agile methodology in C ++ 11/14. The goal is to address issues in terms of volume, latency, and scalability.

  • Hadoop/Apache Stack/KFK/Hbase back end
  • A Linux environment and SolarFlare TCP, UDP, and FPGA Multicast socket technology.


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Coffees per year
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