Software package integration

Integrator of software packages for the financial markets: Join CAPFI

A specialist in software packages for financial markets, banking or insurance, you aspire to work in an environment undergoing radical change. Ambitious projects are your leitmotiv. Skilled in project methodologies, the choice of your missions is an authentic source of motivation for you. Have you heard of software packages such as Murex, Sophis, Calypso, Orchestrade or SAB, Activ’Infinite, and do you wish to take advantage of these tools? While maintaining its independence with regard to the publishers, CAPFI has developed an expertise in all these market solutions, and through its training facilities offers you the opportunity to work with the latest systems available on the market.

  • Business Analyst
  • Software Package Integrator
  • Software Acceptance Tester
  • Business Analyst
  • Software package integration