Systems and networks engineering

Systems and networks engineering : Join CAPFI

Working at CAPFI 6th Sense enables you to evolve in the most varied and complex IT environments in the market. Becoming a junior consultant involves learning about the profession and an acquisition period in which you become familiar with the innovative technical tools used by our major account clients. After acquiring several years of experience in their chosen fields, consultants consolidate their position and need to complete their skills by forging a global vision of the profession, while expanding their knowledge of new tools. In addition, we will evaluate together to decide on development towards technical expertise or project management. According to their preferences and capacities, experienced consultants will be offered a managerial role in which they can consolidate and pursue a career as a junior consultant. 

  • Systems Engineer
  • Networks Engineer
  • Security Engineer
  • Service Delivery Manager
  • Systems engineering
  • Network engineering
  • Security engineering
  • Service Delivery Manager