CAPFI 6th Sense system expertise: Linux, DevOps, Docker, POC - all from CAPFI


Innovation, robustness, reliability and performance Guided by multiple objectives of innovation, robustness, reliability and performance, we operate within the three key steps: Think>Build>Run

Our fields of operation:

  • Expertise in Redhat 6&7 /Solaris/Cluster Veritas systems
  • Definition, Optimization and migration of VmWare infrastructures
  • Expertise in Windows Server 2008/2012/2016
  • Deployment of your applications in the Cloud environment (Private / Public / Hybrid)
  • Agility and ease of deployment in a production environment (DevOps)
  • Automation of the delivery of infrastructures (DevOps)
  • Administration of Docker platforms

Insertion of Sun (Slide 7 of the 6ST PPT) exclusively with the logos Centos, Redhat, Suse, Ubuntu, Sun, Microsoft, VmWare, Docker, Citrix, Infoblox